Purveyors of exquisite forest honey & the finest quality beeswax available!

  Organic, fair trade honey & wax - direct from the forest!  
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Guiding Hope is a young and fast-growing enterprise specializing in organic, fairly-traded bee products from Cameroon.

Our unique, gourmet honeys and high quality beeswax come from the pristine savannah and montane forests of Cameroon, where no pesticides or chemicals are ever used, and where beekeepers have beenharvesting honey from wild forest bees for at least two centuries.

Our products are certified organic, traceable, and meet all EU standards for quality and purity. We are the sole and first-ever exporter of Cameroonian honey to Europe, and have years of beeswax export under our belt. Whether you are interested in honey, beeswax, or other bee products, we would love to hear from you and be able to tell you more!

Traditional bamboo hives are placed high in the trees until harvest

oku cire crop
Our commitment

We are totally committed to our mission of developing environmentally and socially responsible, fair yet profitable trade for all of our products. Since 2007 we have supported beekeepers to increase the quality and variety of what they sell, and set up a system of ethical trade in which every member of the value chain is paid a fair price. From 2010, 5% of our profits will go back to our beekeeping communities through our charitable arm, The Hope Foundation.

We are also committed to providing our buyers with exquisite honey and top quality beeswax. Please have a look and let us know what you think!

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